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A form of slang where only specific people or group understands clear and precise words used while others see it abstract and vague, because they are unfamiliar with the language used , is jargon. This idea happens all the time specially in teens ; teens use jargon many of the times around friends when their parents are around in order to communicate with their friends without parents understanding what they are saying to each other. Jargon is not intentionally all the time, other times it happens when two or more people communicate but one or more are more educated using more complex and technical language this leads to the least educated not fully understanding what the other is saying . A last way that individuals or group can have jargon is when they come from a different culture. Culture can differ how a person speaks by knowing and using certain slang or words that the other person speaking to might not know of or understand of. The show “How I Met Your Mother” has jargon in many of the episodes specifically in the episode “Dual Citizenship” and “Intervention” where in many parts of the episode it focused in the character Robin, who is Canadian. In the “Intervention” episode they are remembering when Robin had a drink to many and acted “Super Canadian”, she is playing hockey inside the house and starts speaking Canadian accent of a Stanley Final and then when betted 20 dollars if she could shoot the puck trough the front door she response by saying “You’re nuttier than a Tim Horton’s maple log. Timmy Ho!” This shows jargon because the phrase is unfamiliar to your average American watching the show and is a phrase only Canadians would most likely understand. Just like the definition of jargon it shows that the specific inside group in this case is Canadians and the outside groups are Americans or other races that are not Canadians that do not understand what the phrase means. In another episode named “Dual Citizenship” Robin and her Canadian cultural is being focused on. In the start of episode the narrator talk about how Robin acts differently, dresses differently and talks differently because she grew up in Canada. This being said it transitions into a bar where her friends are drinking in booth when Robin comes in with an electric bill saying to her roommate “Ted, this hydro bill bigger than Louis Cyr’s biceps. What, you leave the garburator on all night,eh? ”. With the show having humor it gave subtitles in the bottom into an American wording to what she said. Although the subtitles where intended for the audience to get a laugh of it the characters in the shows acted how any other American would act if they heard someone saying that to them. Her group of friends just looked confused to what she was saying and did not understood what she was meaning and just looked at each other with a confused to what just happened. It shows jargon by again Robin speaking with Canadian wording to the wrong group, which happened to be her