Slang: Measurement and Upshaw Prof. Trueman Essay

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Upshaw i
Marlon Upshaw
Prof. Trueman
ENGL 1010
22 Sept 2014


Apparently a strong effort is needed to figure out exactly what individuals mean when they communicate sometimes. I believe that slang helps me as I communicate with others. Lifestyles are adjusted to such a fast pace until we have adopted into our vocabulary slang. Terms such as jargon, acronyms, and vulgarity that we have formed in our culture fit so pro-perly that they are difficult to remove. The definition of slang is “very informal usage in voca-bulary and idiom that is characteristically more metaphorical, vivid, playful, and brief than ordi-nary language”, (Random House Unabridged Dictionary Second Edition, copyright 1993). Taking an introspective view of my life, I noticed that my use of words has changed immensely. As a youth correct grammar was taught but we spoke to one another in slang whether aggravated or “just chilling”. In high school I remember telling jokes to students or reciting term papers for in-structors noticing the balance of my vocabulary was eloquently even. Soon after graduating, opening a business and later attending college I can say firmly that distinguishing terms is the chosen path.

Decisive vocabulary should be used for a person to state what they feel. Although good language is used a person may still have problems with fully understanding all subject matter that is presented. Teaching a foreigner English is hard. With the thought of adding slang you might…