Slaughter of Caesar Essay

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Slaughter of Caesar
March 15, 44 B.c.e.
Shocking news! Every citizen is crestfallen. It’s just in that we have found the lifelessness body of our icon under the foot of the statue of Pompeius. That’s right, Julius Caesar is dead! We have had one of the murders spill out what happened, when it happened, why it happened, who did it, and why it happened, and where it happened! Let’s glance at what this shameful person has to say!
Julius Caesar Death - The Conspirators “The plotters resolved to strike before he set out. Caius Cassius, a tall, lean man, who had been made praetor, was the chief conspirator, and with him was Marcus Junius Brutus, a descendant of the man who overthrew the Tarquins, and husband to Porcia, Cato's daughter. Another conspirator was Brutus named Decimus, who had been a friend of Caesar, and newly appointed to the government of Cisalpine Gaul. These and twelve more (I was one of them,) agreed to murder Caesar on the 15th of March, called in the Roman calendar the Ides of March, when he went to the senate-house.”

Julius Caesar Death - The Warnings of his Death “There were rumors about the plot and warnings were given to him about that special day. His wife dreamt so terrible a dream that he almost gave in to her pleas for him to stay at home. However, Decimus Brutus came in and laughed him out of it. As he was carried to the senate-house in a litter, a man gave him writing and begged him to read it instantly; but he kept it rolled in his hand without looking. As