Slaugter House Five Essay

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“So It Goes”
In novel Slaughterhouse-Five author and narrator Kurt Vonnegut deliver his message of anti-war through flashbacks of main character Billy Pilgrim’s life. The author acknowledges his anti-war mindset when he represents his thought of wars and glaciers are impossible to stop. “there would still be plain old death.” – Quote reveals that war is similar to death. We don’t have control on the either and just have to accept it because of the fate. Author uses particular repetition technique by phrase “So it goes” whenever he mention about death.
The author suggests that there is lot of bone meal in the ground of Dresden and uses his phrase for first time “So it goes” and repeat it throughout. The author see women become tougher than men due to war. Author’s first story was about a veteran who had been crushed to death by an elevator because his wedding ring got caught. The author tells his publisher that Dresden is huge massacre and everybody is dead so he cannot write a book entirely on that massacre.
The author announces death of Billy Pilgrim’s father without any emotional drama. Billy is in South Carolina when his father dies. Valencia’s (Billy’s wife) death announcement comes with less possible emotional response from Billy. Valencia dies of carbon monoxide poisoning on the way to see Billy in the hospital after the plane crash. Billy is confronted with old age and death when he visits his mother in the nursing home. Wild Bob dies pathetic death as a delirious