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My name is Layla and I’m a slave, I was born a slave and have been working on the fields for as long as I can remember. When I first started working on the fields giving the workers water so none of them wold faint from the heat. The workers work 16 hours and only get one half an hour break so stopping to get water is not allowed. Once I was old enough to manage working I was sent to 3rd gang to weed the fields. Now I am 14 so I cut the sugar cane like everyone else. This is backbreaking work, first we burn the sugar then harvest it. This take many hours and I always am sore all over after.
I live in a small mud hut with my mother, father and older brother. My mother works on the fields with me and my father works in the sugar factory. His is very dangerous work and many people get terrible burns from the boiling sugar. My brother is very luck and is a carriage driver for the master. He often gets a small amount of money and gets free time to go to the market where he sells our left over food. brother is saving up for his freedom which is very expensive, it cost about £200! Maybe one day we’ll be free.
Life is hard and I wish I was free so I could go to school. I would love to be a doctor one day, just like the old women in the slave village, they know a lot and have saved many lives. I would love that to be me one day!
In our spare time we tell each other stories from Africa called Andsi’s stories and are great fun to listen too. Sometimes we have secret services