Slavery Essay

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From the first century to the eighteenth, the people had a variety of opinions toward slavery. People began using slave for labor, or even to prove wealth. All throughout time, people had different outlooks on slavery in a different range of rays. Slavery, all together, was accepted though this time. Government could affect the way the people, and slaves were treated. (Pov) The government considered you as poor if you did not own any slave. In the judgments of Mesopotamia, if a man had debt, and had a wife, son or daughter, they would be sold to a purchaser or bondman for 3 years. Eventually, around the fourth year they would go back to their original homes. In the law of Manu, if people were owned such as being a wife, a son, or a slave are not allowed any property. It was one of the sacred laws of Hindu Dharma that it was alright to own a slave, as long as you treated them respectfully. Their wealth is acquired for whom they belong to. Zhou Daguan had thought that to be considered wealthy, people had to own slaves, and if you did not own a slave, you worked as one yourself. (document one, document three, and document five) Letters had different point of views on slavery. St. Pauls letter to the Ephesians, states that their slaves should obey their masters,and that their masters should not threaten slaves, because once in heaven, you only have one master, who looks at you as equals. On the other hand, in Francesco di Marco Dantini, he says that Italian law states that slaves could be treated however the owners wanted to treat them. These letters prove how different some outlooks of slavery are ,but they are still okay with the fact that there is slavery around. (document two and document seven). Slavery was known to be for the hard working, It