Slavery: American Civil War and Slavery Essay

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The institution of slavery is as old as man itself. Men have been enslaving each other since they invented gods to forgive them for it. No culture shows that better than the American people, other than perhaps the Egyptians, as we have enslaved entire tribes of people simply because we could. For decades Africans where forced out of there homes into an unknown land and forced to work for us. Of course eventually this practice of capture died of but its fruits were still used as a major economic source. That is of course till just before the Civil war, when Americans began to question the morality of slavery. Three major cause of the opposition of slavery were, many Americans were beginning to see the riotousness in natural rights, many saw it as a matter of religion, and slavery was also seen as hurting the chances of free white men from getting jobs.

The ideas of the natural rights of man has been around since the enlightenment age. It wasn’t till only just before the war that it was seen to pertain to the dark skinned members of society. In the case of Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Nathaniel Jennison it was said that “ a different idea has taken place with the people of America, more favorable to the natural rights of mankind, and to that natural, innate liberty, with which Heaven (without regard to color, complexion, or shape of noses.)...has inspired all the human race.”(Massachusetts vs. Nathaniel Jennison) This case was to see if the law abolishing slavery in Massachusetts should be upheld. The decision stood and African Americans were seen as true human beings, an opinion not shared by many Southern land owners. While slavery may seem all well and good on a cultural level, when applied to a religious foundation, it practically crumbles. The bible is the very bases of Christianity and it even speaks out against slavery. In Angelina Grimke's ,Appeal to the Christian women of the south, Grimke says that god women of god need to send letters to legislator and appeal to there husbands, fathers, brothers , and sons to abolish