Slavery and Django Essay

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The film I will be analysing is Django unchained, its about a former dentist that buys a slave called Django and trains him into being a bounty hunter. Instead of doing that he is escorted into the path of Django's wife which is under the ruthless plantation owner.
In the film Django unchained, slavery was existent and was set in the western. This is portrayed through the setting, props and the costumes used. The main equilibrium that is shown is innocent black people casually being enslaved by white people. They are also seen working for them. The black people was seen as outcast or lower class. There are scenes that shows the equilibrium in the making for example black slaves are aligned with shackles attached to them. They were badly treated as if there were non-human.
Secondly in Django unchained the disequilibrium that started is seen when the slaves were shepherd into the forest. luckily enough they was giving to opportunity by this man Dr.king schultz to shoot there slave master and set them self free or live as a slave forever. They became a runaway slave. However a slave called Dajngo stood out from the other slaves. He decided to go with Dr.king schultz. However in Django unchained a realisation of disruption was discovered when Django was in progress on his quest in trying to find his precious wife. However Django had found an accurate understanding of where his wife was. So he decided a plan on how to get her back, but to do this he had to go through her slave master candy. Although his plan failed because candy found out what Django was planning to do. So Django was ready to do what it takes to get his wife back. He went through trials and tribulation which involved him in a western shoot out. In conclusion to that he decided to blow up the master’s house.
In conclusion the new equilibrium was seen when Django has got all that he wanted and deserved which included him getting his beloved wife back. This also shows freedom and peace.

In the film Django unchained it all ended as closed narrative because it involved Django getting what he wants and it has satisfying end to it which is helpful for the audience. There is no use of cliff- hangers what so every. The narrative structure of the film is divided in to three parts the beginning, middle and end so it shows the films is a chronological narrative. However in Django unchained there is no use of enigma narrative this is because the audience already know the mystery behind the film. Secondly there was good use binary oppositions used to help define each other for example, good and evil/human