Slavery Research Paper

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Slavery used to be a bigger issue than it is today. Centuries ago, slavery was a main focus, and people did their best to abolish it, and break free. However, over 175 years later, there are 21 million people still being used as slaves. Of course it is much different now then it used to be in terms of how these people are being used. But the conditions are the same; they are being forced to work for no little or no pay, and are being sold to employers to be controlled by someone else. Men, women, and children around the world are being dehumanized, and physically abused every day. There are many types of slavery that affect all ages, races, and gender. Forced Labor, Trafficking, and forced marriage are a few examples of slavery that men and women are forced into everyday. But one of the most important forms is slavery in companies. There has been evidence that slavery is occurring in the production of raw materials needed in many of our everyday purchases. It all starts in the supply chain, which is a long chain of producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who have participated in the creation and delivery of the product. Products range from a simple cotton T-shirt to a complex, hand woven rug. Slaves pick the cotton in a field, pass it along the supply chain, and create clothing for someone else at a cheap price. Slavery happens mostly now a day for the benefit of others. In this case, it is due to the fact that brands give unreasonable timeframes with an order that’s larger than the supplier’s capacity. Therefore this increases the risk of slavery due to the fact that they have no money to give, but need extra hands. The reason for slavery is the high demand we have in food and materials as Americans. Goods that need to be transported from other states or countries are the main reason for slavery. They are forced to work on farms or in factories to ensure speedy delivery to the company. Labor standards have been enforced by the International Labor Organization to eliminate child labor, discrimination in employment, and giving people the right to freedom of association. They protect the treatment of humans, and makes companies improve their systems to prevent slavery. It may seem easy to prevent slavery, but it’s hard. In order to stop the process, this country as a whole has to work together to not buy goods that used illegal labor to help make. Ask store managers about their products, write letters to retail chains asking what measures they go to in order to prevent the use of forced labor and slavery in their supply chain. Showing them that you care, and you’re taking action, can make a huge impact. In order to stop slavery, it only takes one to make a change. There are