Slavery In Connecticut Research Paper

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Many people think that slavery was non existent in Connecticut because it is a northern state, they are wrong. Slavery was huge in Connecticut and it began around 1630 but by 1678 there were only 30 slaves. It started to grow tremendously and 1750 there were more than 3500 slaves in Connecticut. Around this time period 50% of Blacks were slaves. In the 1800’s everything when downhill for slavery. In 1810 there were 310 slaves and by the 1840’s there were only 6. Slavery ended by law in 1848 but blacks still weren’t “free people”.
There were many laws put in place over the years of slavery. Some were to control the slaves and some were to free the slaves. There was a law set in 1690 saying that it was illegal to kill slaves. This one ,however,