Essay on Slavery in the United States and Slave Owners

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Is Slavery Beneficial? From the mid­1860’s, almost 250 years, many American families owned slaves. A slave is a person who is held property of another person. They had to do what their owners told them to do.
No matter how they were treated, they all suffered from having no freedom and no rights. They weren’t considered citizens to anyone. Slaves were beneficial because they helped with plantation owners. In the Southern colonies, there were huge plantations of tobacco, cotton, and rice. The plantation owners used slaves to plow the fields and harvest the crops. They were used as a cheap form of labor. Another reason is because slave owners didn’t have to spend much money on slaves. They would only spend little money on slaves to keep them alive. If they were sick, slave owners didn’t have to spend money on medicine for them. Slave owners only had to provide them shelter, feed them, and give them clothes. Thirdly, slavery is beneficial because slave owners were able to order slaves to do the yucky work that no one else wants to do, which benefits slave owners a lot. Lastly, slavery is also beneficial because slaves helped the economy. They helped the population growth and they made more money for the economy by working in factories, plantations, and shops. They received no money for working, which benefits the economy and slave owners. Slavery isn’t always