Essay on Slavery in the United States and John Quincy Adams

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The Amistad

In 1839 there was Great conflict between people who are proslavery and antislavery. Throughout the slave period some people felt as though slaves were equal while the others looked at them as a way to make profit. In the movie the Amistad it shows the conflict between the two and which one came out on top. As for me I am antislavery. All people are equal and slaves should be too.
From the political aspect in the movie Martin Van Buren was president. He was against slavery but barely showed it. Throughout the movie I began to see slaves own kind start to turn on them. Politicians would see the slaves as goods, or even merchandise. Holabird the lawyer that was proslavery argued vigorously in court to keep slaves in custody, while Roger Baldwin was antislavery trying to free the captives. This goes to show the wedge between the two.
The way slaves were dressed in the movie show a distinct difference between them and others. They barely had clothing, just enough to cover their privates. Meanwhile, the whites are nicely dressed and clean as well as presentable, high class. In slavery, slaves sung hymns to get them through. They would hum a solemn tune.
Before they would reach their destinations, the whites would clean the slaves up to make them look presentable. They would feed them right before unloading the ship, if some were weak or feeble they would throw them off of the ship. Once they have arrived an auction would be held. Whites looked at slaves as a way to make an enormous amount of money and also and free labor. That’s what