slavery owenership Essay

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Slavery Ownership

I took this survey to determine how many slaves work for me. Without even starting to answer any of the questions, I thought this survey was very weird. It is really difficult in this day and age to think about having any “slaves” working for me, especially considering the history of slavery and the circumstances surrounding all of those events. When I first started answering the questions I was expecting different questions than the ones I received. The questions were very daily life type of questions about my food intake, my electronics usage, my age and whether I buy sporting goods or not. Honestly, I was expecting more complex questions relating to slavery and the past. At the end of the survey I got the result of having fifty seven slaves working for me. Imagine my shock when I got those results. I always imagined that I was pretty independent and that no one really worked for me when I needed some stuff. However, from what I gathered these results were due to some of my purchases and some of my intake on several stuff. One of the reasons that my score was so high from what I can gather is that my clothing and shoes purchases. Considering that I answered no to several questions such sporting good purchases, I would conclude that my results would be higher than what I actually got if I had chosen yes to purchasing those times. Needless to say the end result was very shocking to me. One of the things that surprised me was that I had no idea my purchases had such an impact on others. I personally did not consider that in this age there would such a thing as slavery. However, one of the things that I learned