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Slavery When we look back at the history of this country we tend to look at both the positive and negative actions that have happened. Some tend to stand out more then others, such as slavery. Although this country did a good job in abolishing slavery, it did not get rid of it completely. Slavery and human trafficking still exists today in the modern world. As I was conducting my research about slavery, I came up with a question. How can today's slavery relate to the slavery in the past from Fredrick Douglas's time? What are the differences? The reason why this topic interests me was because modern day slavery is similar to what happened in the past but not everyone is aware of it nor are they doing anything to stop it. There are many different kinds of slavery that goes on in today's modern society such as sex slavery, work slavery and plenty others. I think it's crazy how slavery has not really changed over the years. I mean theres still human trafficking going on allover the world. There are people who are forced in slavery or tricked into it. As I was conducting my research I found it astonishing how many women and children are involved or forced into becoming sex slaves. Although in Douglas's time the sex slave was not very common the slave exchange was. All this was human trafficking. Now I also discovered that many of these slaves from the past and now are very similar. They both were abused, threatened or punished if they ever went against their master wishes. Some just like Douglas, did not care and would do whatever they could to escape that hell hole and become free physically and spiritually. Unfortunately not everyone is able to gain there freedoms. As I went further into my research I also came across something that I thought didn't happen.There was a article I was reading that said that certain slave groups have all have a certain mark on their body such as tattoos. These tattoos represent that they belong to one specific group or person. This I figured closely relates to how the slaves in the past were also marked in order to determine which slaves belongs to a certain owner or group. This is something that I thought did not