Essay on Slavery: United States and Sugar Mills

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For centuries, United States of America was involved in a horrible institution of slavery. Slavery was when Native Americans and African Americans were enslaved and were forced to work and never earned a single penny. It was basically like an intruded servant who did all the work but was never earned anything. Slaves were treated horribly, they never got respect and never got their own rights. It all started around 1619 in Africa where Native/African Americans were first captured to begin the devastating slavery. Thereafter Europeans chained slaves until ships arrived to travel to the final destination, The United States of America. There journey was called the Middle Passage. Meanwhile, when they approached their destination in the U.S.A they were brought and sold at auctions. Whereas families were torn apart and separated and never met again. Slaves had dangerous and insecure jobs that resulted in health problems to slaves, such as diseases. Slave housing was very appalling and deformed. They were not built in good shape, dingy and were cheaply built, basically dirt floor. They were property of the Europeans. They were treated with no respect and had no rights. After a short time, slaves rebelled. Some ran away from their masters using the Underground Railroad. At last abolitionists rose to end this horrible institution that took over in the Americas. Although slavery existed in the past it’s pleasurable it ended. During the 17th century, Europeans had huge farms that grew many crops to be sold. Europeans needed numerous of workers to work on the plantations. As a result, Europeans took over the Native Americans. Native Americans were slaves and the European owned them as their own property by law. Europeans tortured and harassed the slaves whenever they didn’t work or refused to listen to them. Native Americans were sold as slaves and taken to the Caribbean to work on sugar plantations. Slavery was set upon