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Thesis: These ideas brought up by industrialization have shaped our modern society. However, what is most critical is whether these ideas were a turn for the better or for the worse. It is important to notice the reactions of the people back then to these new ideas. It either helped people or weakened them further. Checking for the innocence of child labor, communism, and transportation is what will aid us to figuring out their effects on our modern society. Child labor was one of the most dangerous things of the industrialization age. Children would start at around the age of 5-6. (Doc 1) They would work about 11 hours and 2 hours over-time, which was when people worked after 6 p.m. (Doc 1) The older the children got, around 9,10 or 11, they worked nearly 15 hours at the factories. (Doc 2) The children had been found to be deformed in the most atrocious ways and had been truly affected by these factories. (Doc 2) Machinery had improved the amount of labor that was in effect and how the population of kids was growing as well was the amount of kids in factories because of the machines. (Doc 10) The advancement of transportations had somewhat helped the income of the countries increase amazingly. Using the graph in Doc 3, we can see as the years went on by, the per capita levels began to increase at an amazing rate, partially due to the easier accessibility to get anywhere needed. (Doc 3) These increases in new railroad lines helped to travel across lands and