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Theme (A): A responsible Catholic who participates in their faith and the church’s teaching sin everyday life.
Through Confirmation preparation, we are required a certain amount of community service hours. To many people this may be a burden, but I actually enjoy it. Serving my community in numerous ways has been a fun experience. I have been able to participate in Loaves and fishes, altar serving, making blankets for charity and many more things. When the church holds their monthly food collection I make sure to try and donate food. When our school has fundraisers, I always try and donate because I know that my money will help a good cause. This year I have been trying to be involved in my faith more. Not only because of Confirmation, but because I thought I needed to step it up before high school. At mass I would try and pay attention to the homilies, I would raise my hand to answer questions, I volunteered to altar serve funerals and other special masses, and I tried to pray louder during our school prayers.
By doing all of these things, it has prepared me for high school and later on in my life. I now will willingly participate in my faith, rather than being forced to.

Theme B): A moral person who takes responsibility and finds the need to take an active role in our world. Through my community service, I was able to take an active role in my faith. I saw the importance of serving not only the less fortunate, but just helping my community as a whole. One of my favorite things was working at Loaves and Fishes. I was able to help my community in a positive way by serving food to the needy. Another fun thing I did this year was altar serve. I really enjoyed doing this, especially with my peers. I was able to participate in my faith by serving the priests, congregation, and of course, God.
By doing community service, I was able to take an active role in my faith. This prepared me for my future because in high school I may not be forced to do community service. It will be up to me to choose to serve my community. It has taught me that there are people in need of our help. There is always something you can do. Theme(C): A resourceful person who finds ways of communicating through problem solving. Almost all of the community service I did was with my peers. It involved everyone’s help and skills. When we were setting up for the haunted house, everyone had to help or else the job wouldn’t get done. There were many problems involving who would set up what and what time. But we all sat down and talked about it. Instead of screaming at each other, we talked it out. Or when we were making blankets we didn’t have much space for how many people there were. We had to take turns and come up with ways to make room. We ended up using the floor and having more people work on one blanket so it would go by faster. All of the service projects that I did involved problem solving, even in ways that may seem insignificant. I learned teamwork skills and communication. I realized that talking things out instead of yelling is a better way to get the job done. In the future, this will help me be more successful. Being able to have good communication and problem solving skills is very useful in getting work/jobs done.

Theme (D): An enthusiastic person who always sees the importance of learning and developing in all areas. In our lives there are always things we can improve on, one of them being our faith. We can always make our faith stronger with God. Through community service I was able to make my faith stringer with God. I was able to help other people which made me a better person morally. Not only did I improve on my faith, but I improved on other aspects of my life such as learning to understand the needs of others. For example, when I went to Loaves and Fishes I saw just how many people were in need of my help. I learned to put