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Ashley Tremer
15 January 2015
Mrs. Wacha
Structured Learning Experience Full Year The Benefits Of An Internship
Though there are numerous internship programs within the United States, many children don’t take the chance of earning an internship. Even if it’s as simple as a high school program, students still don’t know about it and the benefits that stem from it. Having an internship can be the deciding factor as to whether a company will hire you or not. All in all, an internship is all around beneficial and can get you an actual paying job.
It is a proven fact that around 68 percent of all interns get offered a full time position in the field that they are interning (1). Most of those that are offered the full time position actually do accept this offer because it’s an actual job, and it’s a good start, especially if you are interning in the field that you’d like to have a career in. Or this can become your career and you can work your way up the totem pole. If you accept this full time position, it means that you have successfully networked, and will continue to network which will always help you.
Working as intern can and will teach you essential life skills. Interning teaches you how to act and behave and what to do in a work setting. In a work setting you need to be organized and coordinated. Not to mention disciplined and flexible for when things don’t always go as planned. An adaptive quality is always needed because settings will change and you will you have to be able to change with them. Having an internship will teach you these qualities and show you how to handle each situation with these different qualities.
An internship will also teach you how to manage your time. Because an internship is like an unpaid job, you will be expected to show up on time and ready to work. Therefore, you will have to know how long it’ll take to get you there and when to say no to going out. Though you may be balancing many different activities, you will have to make time for your internship, especially if you’d like to be offered a full time position.
Another benefit of an internship, is that you can take up an internship in almost any field.
This is an especially good idea if you aren’t sure if your choice of career is the correct one for you. Think of it as a test drive. You’ll know almost immediately if that is the right place for you or not, which can save you a lot of time and money that you may not necessarily have. As an intern you get to take a look behind the scenes. You get to see what happens behind closed doors which can make or break your decision to go into that field of choice or not.
According to Florida International University,95 percent of employers are looking for college graduates with experience (2). Internships, as long as they are in the correct field, will be considered experience. And no matter where you go for a job, they will most of the time be looking for someone who has experience. An internship is primarily one of the only ways to get

experience before obtaining the career. It’s always a benefit to have relevant experience before applying for the job, especially it’s in a competitive work field.
Not only does an internship give you experience but it also helps you transition into your job. Instead of being thrown into your new job with no idea what to expect, do, or act, you’ll have the upper hand because you will already know what you should be doing and how you should be doing it. Granted things may be a little different if you interned in a different place but the basis is usually the same as long as you are in the same field as you interned. The first couple of days at your job is like a trial period, the employer is testing you to see what you