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Task 3
Issue study

1.1 Introduction 2
2.1 Catchment management 2
2.2 Catchment management situation and requirement 3
2.3 The issue of the catchment management 3
3.1 Coastal management 4
3.2 Coastal situation and requirement 4
3.3The issue of coastal management 5
4.1 Ocean management 5
4.2 Ocean situation and requirement 6
4.3 The issue of the ocean management 6
5.1 Inhibit integrating 7
6.1 My suggest for the planning 8

1.1 Introduction
Urban sewage and rainwater collection, purification and emissions is each city and country are faced with the problem. This problem is not only involved in environmental issues, at the same time, it also includes economic, social and management problems, this is about more than one area involved in the issue. Australia is a country with water shortage, but Australia is never lack of coastline. How to use and manage the coast is a big problem with the Australian government. In the state of Victoria, we have a long coastline, and we have many management organization to manage and build our coast. After many efforts, however, we still can't combine catchment and coastal management. Although we have a good rain, wastewater collection and management system, but we have been many problems in the combination convenience cause so far still cannot achieve the “catchment - group - ocean "such a good plan.

The purpose of this plan is to cleaned waste water discharged directly into the sea, this will save a lot of social resources and human resources. It is a very good plan, it can effectively relieve urban sewage, water and waste water treatment and emissions. But it is very difficult to achieve such a plan, it involves many departments and organizations, they have conflicts of interest between each other so lead to this plan has not been implemented. We will first to look at the catchment, coastal, and their situation and problems of the ocean. So that we can easily analysis and concluded that finally I will try to find a solution.
2.1 Catchment management
“Catchment management, and in particular Integrated Catchment Management (ICM), has the objective of improving and integrating the management of land, water and related biological resources in order to achieve the sustainable and balanced use of these resources(AWA, 2013) “Catchment management is a combination of rain water, sewage, the integrative management of the river and water, it require the high level of overall management. This is a troubling to many countries and almost all the problems of the city. One of the important question is how's collection of sewage and rainwater treatment and discharge, if you want to build a building or facilities to manage, so it will take a lot of money and human resources. Modern city needs a more cheap and quick way to achieve it.
2.2 Catchment management situation and requirement
The definition of the catchment management is very wide, it include storm water, waste water and so on, but this water was all can’t be use before they get purification. These waste water need to be purified for recycled or be emissions. But because these waste water is contaminated, if you try to purify them reached to the drinking water standards is the need to spend a lot of cost. Cheap and fast method is to purify the waste water to get to emissions standards, then emissions the water in the proper area. For example, Melbourne was the second biggest city in Au, how to treat swage is a big issue for the Melbourne government, the data shows:” treat most of Melbourne’s sewage via a network of over 400 kilometers of sewers, nine pumping stations and two treatment plants. Each year we treat over 320,000 million liters of sewage, including trade waste.(Melbourne water, 2014.” This is a very large data, his relationship to each of our families, companies and public facilities:” Sewage from your bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry enters the sewerage system through a network of underground pipes. (Melbourne water,