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Being A Mother
We are who we are by many things and reasons. We sometimes wonder why some people are the way that they are, act and talk. And all that is determined by just one moment in their life that changed them for good. Some people may not understand those reasons, but we are the way that we are because of a moment that is very important to us. I am who I am from the first time I got to hold my 7 month, premature daughter. In that moment I realized that my life was turning upside down and I had to fight and do everything I could in my power for her.
It started on January 22 at 9 am. When I woke up and was alarmed by my bed being wet I woke up my boyfriend and showed him what happened. At that moment I was rushed to the hospital because my water had broken. I was checked in and put in a bed. The doctor came and checked me she said I was 4 cm dilated but had a long way to go. The nurses would just walk around my room without asking anything. No one was allowed in my room yet, so I was dying of boredom without even a TV.
Until I was finally changed into another room around 7pm. I still had nothing to eat until the nurse said it was ok. My mother, sister and boyfriend were all there with me and as a pregnant hungry woman, they didn’t hesitate to buy me food from McDonald’s. But sadly once I had the first fry I started to feel my contractions. All day long I hadn’t felt any pain until then, the nurses all came in a rush. The nurse said that I was in active labor therefore I had to be changed back to my previous room. I was thinking to myself “How could this happen by just eating one fry?” I then realized that the moment to meet my daughter was getting closer and closer, yet to me it still didn’t feel real. I was scared and excited at the same time. Scared because she was going to be premature by almost 2 months and that could cause her problems. But also excited to finally meet her, hold her in my arms and see her beautiful face. After I was taken to my previous room I had started having contractions really bad. I was in so much pain that I could no longer take it.
The pain was horrible like someone sticking me with a million needles. Since I chose to do a natural child birth. I went to sleep to ease the pain from my mind. My boyfriend was rubbing my back to help me relax and it helped. Yet I kept waking up, I slept until 11pm came and I couldn’t sleep away the pain any longer. At that moment I was going crazy and was screaming “Give me the drugs!” at the top of my lungs, just as people in movies do. Then the nurse said that there was no need for the drugs I was done, and had to just push enough.
The time went fast and I was really excited that I forgot all about the pain. My boyfriend was there next to me happy as well. The doctor told me to push and my boyfriend started to count “1, 2, 3.” Until the nurse asked him if he wanted to see our daughter be born. He forgot all about counting and worried about our daughter. I thought to myself “Where did he go I can’t hear him anymore he’s suppose to be counting and helping me breath.” But I worried more about pushing until they said “She’s finally here” with so much excitement. Since she was premature they didn’t even let me see