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It is the last day of packing for Kim Rosa. Kim is going to California for vacation. She just finished and is ready to go. Kim calls Kary over because they are going on vacation together. Kary comes over with all her bags and puts them in the back of the car with Kim's stuff. Kim suggests that they leave today because they are all ready and they will get there earlier. They decide to go and they are ready for their long ride from Illinois to California. Kim decides to drive first. On the first hour of the drive there are no exciting views. Kim drives the first six hours then she gets too tired and lets Kary drive while she sleeps. While Kim is sleeping Kary gets to see tons of cool lite up cities and drive through mountains. She is getting even more excited because she knows there are cooler things in California. They get there after a boring twenty seven and a half hours. Kim goes and gets the room keys while Kary starts to put the bags on the cart. Kim comes out with two room keys an helps Kary push the cart inside and onto the elevator. The room is on the 18th floor so they are drooling over the image they think they will see. They admire the room then put all their stuff away before looking at the view. When they finish putting the stuff away and look out the window and the view is magnificent. They can see everything and by looking out the window they know where they are going for dinner. They go to Olive Garden and of course Kim eats noodles because they are her favorite. They went on vacation for two weeks then went back to Illinois. The first thing Kim does is unpack her stuff, then she goes to bed. When she woke up it was 9:15a.m. At first she just went downstairs and ate breakfast. In the middle of it she jumped up went to her room got ready and went to work. She told her boss she was really sorry it was her first day back from vacation. Her boss gave her a warning and said to try not to be late again. The very next morning she wakes up at 9:00 and has to rush to work again because she starts at 8:30. She gets there crying because she knows she is late and she doesn't want to get fired. Her boss says if it happens one more time he will have to fire her. That night she goes to bed really early, wakes up at 8:00 and is very excited because she knows she will make it on time. She goes to work on time and tells her boss that she doesn't plan on being late anytime soon. Now since Kim doesn't have a problem with waking up on time she has another problem. This time she goes over to Kary's house so she can talk with her about it. “ Hey I had the worst night of sleep last night,” Kim murmured Kary, confused, replied, “ Why? What happened? Did you have a nightmare?” “ No I am 22, I don't have nightmares,” Kim replied. Kary utters, “ Come on, I still have nightmares.” “ It wasn't a nightmare!” yells Kim. “ Okay,okay, then what was it?” Kary grunted. “ I couldn't stop thinking about this video I saw on animals,” Kim whispered. “ So what are you going to do about it?” Kary questioned. Kim continued, “ You know what?” “What?” Kary asked. “I am going to become a vegetarian,” Kim says excitedly. Kim and Kary hung out all day at Kary's house watching movies and talking. Kary kept giving Kim crap about being a Vegetarian. Kim finally decided to go home around 10:00 P.M. A