Essay about Sleep and Social Activities

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Dear, principle
A person may not receive the recommend amount of sleep in a night. School, friends, family, and social events can all be factors in diminishing a person’s amount of sleep. It may not seem a whole lot to miss out on just a couple hours a night, but lacking a proper amount of sleep can hurt us in our day to day activities.

College students average of six hours of sleep each night. For example, having four to six classes in a day will make the homework pile up. Balancing social activities with the amounts of school work can make the schedule pretty crazy. That could be when you get home from the party at eleven and your up till one in the morning finishing that paper. When it reaches to the end of the semester, final projects and finals come and just seems like not enough time in the day to do anything. The responsibilities of having a job during college would definitely cut into our amounts of sleep as well. For example, you may not get off at the grocery store until nine, and before you know it’s midnight and you’ve just finished reading that thirty five page assignment.

Often times people push sleep away due to social activities. Friends are a major distraction that will take much time from sleeping. You don't want to miss out on anything fun or disappoint your pals by not tagging along. That’s when you have the idea that you can do both and all of a sudden, you’re not crawling into bed until three am. In a college kid’s mind, hanging out with