The Effects Of Sleep Disruptions In Circadian Cycles

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Most animals have adapted to Earth’s cycle of days and nights by developing a pattern of bodily functions that cycle over each 24-hour period. Our alertness, core body temperature, moods, learning efficiency, blood pressure, metabolism, and pulse rate all follow circadian rhythms. These activities peak during the day and are low at night . Disruptions in circadian rhythms often cause increased fatigue, decreased concentration, sleep disorders, and other health problems
Sleep deprivation increases stress, making it difficult to separate the effects of sleep deprivation from those of stress. Researchers have learned that, like disrupted circadian cycles, sleep deprivation poses several hazards. These include reduced cognitive and motor performance, irritability and other mood alterations, decreased self-esteem, and increased cortisol levels (a sign of stress).
The consequences of sleep deprived impairments can also threaten a students’ school performance, and endanger physical health. Studies find that shift work and sleep deprivation lead to decreased concentration and productivity, and increased accidents.A very frightening danger is sleep deprivation among workers that cause serious accidents. Sometimes costing people their lives. I did complete the suggested sleep deprivation assessment. I could not successfully complete Part 1. I had to try over and over again to draw the star in the mirror, but I kept making the line crooked and what I came up with did not look like