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10 Better sleep strategies
1. Light Exercises- Yoga or walking at night can help sleep as it releases tension without over stimulating the body
2. Listen to music - Music can soothe your mind and body to the point that it’s now being used as a therapeutic tool by some. You can use music to your benefit by playing relaxing tunes before bed, and throughout the evening to help you wind down and release tension as bedtime approaches
3. Clean up – A recent poll found that close to 80% of people live with a level of clutter that can cause additional stress. Cleaning up at the end of the day can leave you feeling less stressed because you’re doing something to tackle the problem, and the anticipation of waking up to a cleaner house can make your rest more peaceful.
4. Quiet games instead of TV - While many people like to zone out in front of the T.V. before bed, playing low-key computer games can be a refreshing alternative. They can create a nice distraction from the stress of the day and be a great way of ‘shifting gears’, but aren’t so exciting that they make sleep elusive.
5. Bubble bath - Soaking in a tub of bubbles can rinse away tension and leave your body pampered and your mind free. It’s also a great segue to sleep, as any parent of a small child can attest.
6. Massage - Massage is a great stress reliever that also feels good. If you can’t trade massages with people you live with, you can do a self-massage or use massaging tools to relieve tension. Either way, having a massage before bed can loosen stress in your body, relaxes you, and makes sleep come more easily.
7. Journaling - Journaling has many stress and health benefits, making it a great way to end the day. Writing in a journal before bed can clear your mind, help you process emotions, solve problems, mentally prepare for the next day, make plans, and get your thoughts out of your head and on the page, where they can be picked up the…