Sleep Your Life Away Essay

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Sleep You Life Away….

We as humans have never thought to wonder why we need to sleep and what it does for

Us. Sleep is one of the most important things that we have to do and need to do. Sleep

allows your body to reproduce any damaged cells and regenerate those cells that were

damaged. Sleep is also another way for your brain to do renovation from learning new

things and absorbing information all day. Your brain is also creating memories and

replaying anything that may have happen that day reinforcing the brain to create

memories. Sleep also replenish fuel in our bodies called ATP which is the All-purpose

energy-carrying molecule. So when that molecule is low that is how the body knows to

shut down and its time to sleep.

Scientists have found that the expression of genes involved in fixing cells gets kicked up

a notch during sleep and the smaller a person or animal may be, they tend to have a

higher metabolism and sleep more. We spend about one-third of our lives asleep, for an

average American that’s over 26 years. Columbia University Neuropsychologist Yaakov

Stern believes and states, “People’s abilities to perform simple tasks drops dramatically

after 48 hours without sleep. “ So with this information we learn that without sleep, our

brain begins to malfunction.

Sleep is if not the most important thing we need to do and have to do. Doctors and

scientist are constantly researching and trying to find ways and answers…