Sleeping at work(Prison) Essay

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If I were to fall asleep in a facility with inmates they are more susceptible to break the rules. Rules being; using and/or trafficking contraband, harming themselves or other inmates, harming myself or fellow soldiers, and but not limited to an escape or escape attempt. Inmates are not at any point to be trusted. At any time an inmate can and will break the rules. Inmates are not my friends or my fellow battle buddies. An inmate is my enemy and I must do everything to protect myself, my fellow soldiers and staff, and other inmates. Not only does falling asleep loose trust from fellow soldiers and staff, but also I loose trust from inmates. When an inmate sees a correctional specialist sleeping it shows them that we or that soldier is not a professional and we can not be trusted to protect them incase of an emergency. While sleeping an inmate may use or traffic contraband such as but not limited to; cell phones, tobacco products, a tattoo gun, drugs, mail or magazines, items over the ration sheet limits. All it takes is for a couple of seconds for an inmate to break a rule. There are inmates in the Special Housing Unit that have trafficked contraband to different tier levels in thirty seconds. Although it is hard to constantly keep track of inmates inside the housing unit already, being asleep makes it impossible to do that. In the past there have been inmates to harm themselves in front and away from the correctional specialist on the floor of the Housing Unit. At one point there was an inmate that tried to harm himself in front of two correctional specialists by jumping from the upper tier. With inmates willing to do it within feet of correctional specialists there is nothing stopping them from doing it while I’m on the other side of the tier or asleep behind my desk. Inmates have also gotten into fights with each other and correctional specialists with other correctional specials feet away from them. Nothing stands between an inmate from attacking each other, myself, fellow soldiers or staff in front of me. So what is standing between them from attacking us or each other while I’m asleep? While asleep inmates are more susceptible to an escape. If I’m asleep I can not control my inmates in my area of operation. They can either just walk out of the pod or they may break out through a different way throughout the facility. Also while I’m asleep they may come back from outside the pod and not scan in causing them to be technically late on the tracker net. If an inmate shows up late on the tracker net long enough, control will cause a cease movement causing the schedule of calls to run late. If the inmate can not be accounted for control will call a special count causing more hassle to the facility. If on midnight shift I were to fall asleep, a fire injury or another emergency may happen at any time. If a fire were to happen by the time I were