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Alternate ending to the novel ‘Sleeping Dogs’
After limping the long trek home, Bow Fox finally arrives back at the caravan park. He opens the door and walks into the caravan. It is dimly lit and has a peculiar smell about it, paintings are scattered around the walls and there is an open bottle of paint on the kitchen bench. He flops down onto his small bed and lays there for a minute. Bow reeks of dog and saliva, he has multiple cuts and bruises over his body and mud running up his back and legs. His body is sore all over and his ankle has been awkwardly twisted from when the pack of savage dogs ferociously attacked him.
He gets up to fetch himself a loaf of bread to satisfy his hunger before plopping back down on the bed. The bread is old and stale but he doesn’t have much choice in the pantry and is much too tired to cook himself a proper meal. As he nibbles on a slice he thinks to himself.
“Today when I was attacked by the dogs I remember… yes that’s right, a horse. Someone on a horse was riding away from me after the ferocious beasts swarmed me.”
“It had to be that horrible Griffin Willow. He is a terrible father and is an evil human being, beating his son and disrespecting his family, who does he think he is.”
“I’ll show him whose boss around here, if he wants me off his farm fine then that’s how it’s gonna be…” Fox continued to brew about the events of today in his head, frying his brain until his head throbbed. He couldn’t help himself; Fox was going to get revenge on Griffin somehow and wasn’t going to let anyone get in his way.
“Yes that’s right, I’ll kill Griffin, murder him, blow his head completely off his shoulders then he will think twice about messing around with Bow Fox. I’ll even make his kids stand there and watch – The Willow family will regret the day when I checked in here at this filthy dustbowl they call a caravan park.
Jordan woke up to a bright glare from the sun shining directly in his eyes. He opened his bedroom window and looked outside; it was a hot and sunny day with not a single cloud in the sky. He looked around his room and admired the large collection of exquisite paintings of delicate little birds. For some reason he seemed to be in a good mood. He walked down the creaky stairs and ran out the front door excited to get out of the dark and gloomy house and out into the beautiful day outside. He was greeted by the bright shining rays of light from the sun but his eyes quickly adjusted to the environment.
He began his daily chores very early and wanted to get them out of the way. As he was tending to the corn fields he glanced over and looked at Bow Fox’s rusty old caravan. Bow had been here for months now and was the only guest left in the park. Jordan did not like the mysterious character much and grew more and more suspicious of him every day. Jordan then glanced over and to his surprise he saw Bow leaning up against the house. He just stood there and after a while he gave Jordan a casual wave. Jordan did not return the offer as he was still shocked from seeing him there and simply continued with his chores. He turned around for one last look and he was gone.
Oliver sat there behind the house on a large rock playing fetch with one of his dogs when suddenly he heard the familiar, high-pitched voice of Bow. Bow leapt up on the rock and took a seat next to the boy.
“Now Oliver”, Bow began to say.
“You’re my closest friend I have here on this farm and one of the only people whom I can trust my secrets with and I am about to tell you something as long as you promise not to tell your parents or any of your other brothers or sisters.”
“Yes, yes of course your secret is safe with me”, replied Oliver intrigued to hear about what was so important.
“Ok then, well I would like to know where abouts your father keeps his hunting rifle.”
“Oh I cannot tell you that, Dad doesn’t like anyone to ever touch his guns. He forbids any of us from going near them.”
“Oliver you are going to tell me