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In the book “Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie,” by David Lubar you follow Scott
through his life during the beginning of his high school career. High School is never easy
for anyone, especially when you are a freshman with your whole world being flipped
around. But through many sleepless nights Scott learns how to deal with high school and
his family, and also learns how to have fun with some new friends.
High School can be rough for a freshman, especially when you are in a large
school with a ton of upper classmen. For Scott high school does not start out in his favor.
He learns that one of his best friends, Patrick, is being moved to Texas. Also another one
of his best friends, Mitch, gets a girlfriend and then leaves him and Kyle, which is not the
best situation. But as unfortunate as Scott is, it ends up being that his other best friend
Kyle, is not really a great friend. Like every other freshman guy Scott has a crush on the
prettiest girl in his class Julia, who he has known since kindergarten. Scott can not seem
to work up the courage to talk to Julia though. Probably the worst part for Scott is that he
finds out he is going to be a big brother! Scott does not find this as being such a great
thing but realizes it might not be a terrible thing.
Although Scott’s high school life seems to be pretty bad, it actually is not that
bad. Along the way Scott meets some new friends such as Wesley and Lee who turn out
to be the perfect friends for Scott. Wesley is a great friend for Scott because he is an
upper classman who saves him from a lot of trouble. But…