Slendertone Essay

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Executive Summary
Kevin McDonnell, owner of BioMedical Research Ltd. (BMR) believed when he purchased the company that one of the product lines, Slendertone, could become a £100 million a year business by the year 2002. His strong belief in new product development as the “key to future growth,” led him in the journey to build a business based on this philosophy. Realizing that this ambitious goal would take more than product development and would also require a strong marketing plan, McDonnell placed faith in Brian O’Donohoe to build the marketing strategy that could cast Slendertone as a world-class brand. No doubt, BMR faced some challenges – identifying target markets, creating distribution channels, handling customer perception, as
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The current growth in France and Ireland made this objective a very achievable target.

Identifying the Problem The problem Biomedical Research, LTD has is to develop a clear marketing strategy that will enable the company to achieve its goals and objectives. In addition to becoming a £100 million a year business by the year 2002, the company wanted to build credibility and become a world-class brand. Credibility would be a key component in creating the brand image Slendertone desired, as there were numerous products in circulation that gave consumers the impression of these products as gimmicks.

SWOT Analysis


• Stability
• Innovation
• Quality
• Value
• Profit Margins
• World-wide availability
• Customer Satisfaction Weaknesses

• Marketing Budget
• Other Markets
• Reliance on Distributors
• Vague Marketing Strategy
• Market Shares Unknown
• Product Complexity
• Return Policy

• Large, Untapped Market
• No International Leaders
• Sales Growth
• Celebrity Endorsement
• Infomercials
• Education
• Customer Database
• Future for own Distribution Channels Threats

• Gimmick Image
• Customer Embarrassment
• Low long-term Use
• Competition
• Technology Perception
• Distributor Dominance
• Non-body Cultures

Slendertone has many attributes that would support the mission the company is seeking. As a company, BioMedical