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Anyone else would think that waking up at eight in the morning on a weekend was crazy, but I call it seizing the day. As soon as I open the white hazardous front door that always seems to stick, the crisp morning air gives me a surprising wake-up call. I walk across the freshly cut grass with morning dew still sticking on it to the pasture to retrieve my best friend, My constant, My horse. I see him standing on the other side of the vast field in the grass the reaches over your knees. His white coat glistening in the sun while his long white maine and tail dance in the wind. I call his name and he responds with a jerk of his head as his eyes meet mine. As I whistle for him, He whines back to be and comes speeding towards me from across the field; The rhythmic pounding of his hooves thunder against the soft ground. As he approaches me we share simple signals between each other, Our own secret language. "Do you want to go for a ride?" I asked him. He had always responded with a huff of warm air through his nose against my hand retrieving his treat for the day. As I slip his halter over his head to lead him back to his paddock to tack him up, I catch sight of my slender grandmother in my peripherals working in her bountyful garden. "Whatcha you doin' with him?" asked my grandmother. "Im gonna go jump him Grandma I'm gonna try three foot today" I responded with the biggest and most optimistic grin sweeping across my face. My grandmother gave me a hopeful, "go-get-em" grin. Her opinion means everything to me. I then looked at Charlie and gave him the look of reassurance for I could see in his eyes a slight hesitation. I proceeded to walk him down to his paddock, Tying him to the fence post so he would not budge and putting his tack on him piece by piece. His bridle smelled delightful, only in a way an equestrian can understand. It was perfectly oiled with Murphy's, It being so smooth so that it would glide against his coat easily. As I sense the muscles in the body relax I go to put the bit into his mouth and he is compliant to receive it. The new saddle I bought him fits exceptionally against his sloping back. Next is the cinching of the saddle, You can hear the girth click with each hole it passes to get to the correct one. Afterwards I mount his strong back as he is the perfect height. I ride him around the riding ring, making him do a lot of flat work; Getting him to pick up his head and tuck it in towards his chest for that amazing A+ dressage formation. Next I practice his speed with him, Trying to get him to flow perfectly into every transition, Making it look flawless. He has so much footing control that at times you can hear his hooves pound into the ground then miraculously change into a soft swishing noise. When I finally think he's stretched enough and is ready to fly, I set up the jumps. At first I set the jumps for two foot six inches; He soars over it without any doubts. Then I progress and turn the jump into two foot nine inches; But yet again he flies over it without a question. Suddenly I stop and wonder if he would be able to jump three feet high I have jumped him over it without me on him, But having somebody who weighs 130 pounds on your back makes a big difference when trying to cover that height.