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• Slide is about a girl, Sylvia, who suffers with narcolepsy.
• Narcolepsy is a sleeping disorder
• When Sylvia falls into this sleep, she slides into someone else’s body
• One day Sylvia slides into the murderer body while the murder was happening to her little sisters best friend
• it’s up to Sylvia to find out what is happening and who the murderer is
• Sylvia meets Zane and they start liking each other
• her best friend --------- gets mad
• Zane – the boy that Sylvia gets close has some secrets that she finds out toward the end of the book

• the author uses mystery to make the story worth reading
• the plot of the story dealt with a killing of a friend
• you never knew exactly what was going to happen next and how it was going to happen

• the author uses love to make the plot more surreal
• stories contain love scene all the time but this one is different
• the love in this story was between Sylvia and her close friend killer
• Zane shows his true colors and then she realizes the background of the situations hahahsjejsnsjsnsjsnsksnsjsjsusbhsjsjsnsjsndjsjsushsbsdhusjsu- sjsjsuzsbgsdhfjfjfdndmfkfmfmfnfifnnffnnrndhshsbsbdbhsjmsjhbd- jjdndndjjdndjdnddjduddndjdjdndjxndjdndnxjdndinxixndjdndjdndj- dixujendkdufhdnkkkshdndidnkddkkdkfkdmfidnfndjsisndndidjnsksk- djskskdkdm Colleges of Interest

1. What are the admissions requirements? o Complete Regents' Core Curriculum (19 units) o Earn Minimum 2.35 Cumulative High School GPA
2. What are the types of degrees offered? o Associates o Bachelors o Masters o Doctorate
3. What is the required ACT score and GPA needed for admission? o 18 or Higher ACT English Subscore 19 or Higher ACT Math Subscore o High School Core GPA 2.00
4. What Major Fields of study is the college known for? o Science
5. What is the graduation rate of the college? o 4-year graduation rate is 21%
6. What are the requirements for transfer students wishing to enroll at the University? o Must have a transferable Associate Degree (AA or AS) or higher from a regionally accredited institution.
7. What extra-curricular clubs and activities are available for students? o Academics o Arts performance o Community service o Cooking o Cultural o Entertainment o Greek letters
8. What is the cost of the dorm room and meal plans per semester or annually? o In-state tuition and fees
$6,807 (2014-15)

o Room and board
$6,846 (2014-15)

9. Can freshmen students live off campus? If not…..what’s the curfew time for the dorm? o No
10. Can freshmen students have cars on campus? o Yes University of Louisiana at Lafayette
1. What are the admissions requirements? o Online Application o Application Fee o Official ACT or SAT Scores o Immunization Form o Selective Service Registration o High School Transcript
2. What are the types of degrees offered?