Slims relationship with other ranch workers Essay examples

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English Literature
Of Mice and Men
Shoaib Safdar

Q. Comment on Slims relationship with the other ranch workers.

During the 1930’s, migrant workers had no friends and family. They lived miserable,
disappointing lives searching for the American Dream. Peoples goals and dreams were not
only unattainable but impossible to reach due to the events which occurred in the time, wall
street crash and the great depression.

Slim in the book is represented as an opposite. Steinbeck presents him as a kindly figure who
everyone respected and listened to, “he moved with a majesty only achieved by royalty and
master craftsmen.” He provides a contrast to all the discrimination and depression which goes
on in the book. Steinbeck created the character to bring to life the feeling of hope in a time
when despair was widespread among workers. He did this by making Slim defy the belief that
no one could attain respect and friendship.

Slim is placed into the book intentionally to show readers of how society should be and that
people in the world should aspire to be like him. He is an important character and is placed at
every crucial moment in the novel which allows us to see how he would react to and judge the
situations. For example he is present when; Carlson tries to force Candy into shooting his
dog, finding the body of Curley’s wife, Curley’s hand being crushed and after the shooting of

Slim embodies Steinbecks character in the novel, he sees him as a sort of hero and describes
his eyes as, ‘God­like’. If there's one character that Steinbeck or the readers would choose to
be, it would be Slim. He was kind. A skillful worker. Respected and always described as
trustworthy. This is evident in his relationship with crooks, it was a time when racism was the
norm. However Slim was the only one on the ranch who had respect for Crooks, the other
workers often called Crooks, ‘nigger’, other than Slim. Crooks always calls Slim, ‘Mr Slim this
shows respect and how grateful he is for Slim not seeing him as an opposite.

Another relationship that highlights Slims favourable…