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Slow Food provides a way in which people may use food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the environment. Slow Food based on these aspects: good and clean. Nowadays, food education has been lost. However, eating fast food has a lot of harmful sides that urge to influence food education. Slow food is a global organization that can change life of future generations.
Many people believe that dinner prepared at home is old – fashions because the pace of life is extremely busy. As a result, people buy food in supermarkets and fast – food restaurants. According to Williams (2012), “People are missing out as they stand in line to buy a sandwich” (p. 161). Moreover, people have forgotten how nice to have a meal with all family around the table. For example, in my family we try to eat diner together, but when I am working until 9 pm it is impossible. A lot of families have the same problem; family members do not spend enough time together. “We often eat solo…” (Williams, 2012, p. 164). It is important to have at list one meal per day that you spend with your family around the big table. However, people who still live on farms keep old recipes and traditions of ancestry. So, Slow Food movement tries “…to pull new generation into the kitchen” (Williams, 2012, p. 161). In addition, Slow Food activists make a lot of different events where current generation can learn everything about benefits of growing food or canning (Williams, 2012, p. 162).
According to Williams (2012), “…fast food for a fast age” (p. 165). Nowadays, factory farms produce most of the foods in supermarkets. “Factory farms churn out food that is fast, cheap and standardized” (Williams, 2012, p.…