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Analysis 1:

Analysis 2:

In the first graph, the environment which the moths are in is light tree trunks. The light colored moth is dominate to the dark colored. This suggests that the light moths has a 90% chance of survival. While the dark one has 50%. As you can see in the graph, during the first 3 generations, the light moth increases in a constant rapid change while the dark decreases at the same speed. During the 3-4 generation, each moth has another rapid change and after that from the 4-9 generation, the moths maintain a constant slow rate of change which slowly dies off by the end of generation 9. This makes sense because we know that the light moth has an advantage over the dark moth in survival rate so as time passes on, the dark moth becomes extinct in the light tree trunk environment.

In the second paragraph, the dark moth are dominate over the light. The environment they are in is Dark tree trucks which makes the dark moth have a 90% chance of survival compared to a light moth who has a 50% chance. In the graph, generations 1-3 shows rapid change where the dark moth has an increase in allele frequency but from generations 3-5 we can see a decrease of allele frequency in the dark moth which means the light moth is gaining the lost percentage of the dark moth. However from generations 5-8 it takes on another turn, the graph illustrates that the dark moth is gaining rapid allele frequency because the environment is in it’s favor. An interesting point in this graph is during the 8-24 generations. In this period, the graph shows a slight change over time but it’s a steady change. Both of the lines are going up and down and there’s not much happening but this suggests that the light moths still hans’t lost the allele which is why they are still alive.


I think that the way we did this experiment was good but there were some faults which I think we could change. The coin part of the experiment that we did was good from my view because it was a 50-50 percent chance