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Slowing down human population growth by Abortion

By way of background there have been over 50 million abortions since the United States Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, in the year 1973; in fact, this year marks the 38th Anniversary since that decision was made. Almost four decades later an estimated 19 million infants would now be old enough to contribute to the economy today, paying taxes, and paying into Social Security Fund, but they are not here. Furthermore, can be a huge contributing factor in slowing down human population growth. Since the year 2005, it was announce that the Social Security Fund was in trouble. I wonder if anyone ponders this question about of abortion is slowing down human population growth and could have contribute to the Social Security deficit.
Should this question be researched in more depth by congress and/or should abortion be outlaw? Abortion is a personal choice and not left for anyone to judge, but it is a huge factor in slowing down our human population growth. In part, The Social Security deficit is funded through committed payroll taxes under the authority of the Federal Insurance Contributions ACT (FICA). The main part of the program is sometimes referred to as OASDI (Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance). Due to the recent deficit there has been and continues to be intense discussions concerning the Social Security system and the possibility of it becoming insolvent. Social Security currently pays out to approximately 53 million Americans and if the government does not find a workable resolution, it said to be bankrupt by the year 2037.
It is a fact that abortions lower labor force growth fewer babies mean fewer consumers, less demand for goods and services, and fewer jobs. Pro-Choice economic argues this point, as they tell us that children are too expensive to justify their actions. In addition, to claiming, that the cost of raising children burdens their parents and it also burdens the public with additional welfare spending when poor and unfit mothers bear children. Additionally, that abortion is necessary to check population growth and all costs associated with it. What if that was not the case and the 19 million infants inevitably grew into responsible adults work and pay taxes, or otherwise spend, save, invest and innovate? This could help the slowing down human population growth and our current Social Security deficit immensely.

It has been said that abortion is a moral issue and has nothing to do with the economy. Is the USA government going to slow down human population growth by becoming more like China and Forced Abortion as part as Population Control Regime? Over 30 years this has been in force limiting most urban couple to one child in a bid to curb population growth and conserve its limited resources. China has the world’s largest population with more