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Michael Maze



SLP Module #1

Dr. Shelton

For this assignment we are asked to draw upon deontological ethics to discuss a business ethics situation in which we have had personal experience. While I am sure that many of us encounter ethics issues at work every day, some seem to stand out more than others. Since starting this course I have had my ear to the ground more than usual and have experienced some ethical issues just in that time frame, as minor as they may be. The particular issue I’d like to address took place some years ago when I was just starting out as young executive. I was hired as the director of operations (DOO) for a local audio- visual company out of San Diego, California. I had been working within the industry for a few years and knew just about everyone in town that dealt with anything entertainment related. I had heard from several sources that this company produced great shows and had some new and exciting technology that they were developing, so when I decided to interview for the DOO position I was pretty happy at the prospects of being employed by this company. Shortly after the interview, when I mentioned my possible employment to other co-workers and friends they were quick to offer negative experiences and rumors that they had either experienced or had heard from another party. Needless to say I was a little conflicted about accepting the position when it was finally offered to me. I did however accept the position and decided to see for myself if any of the rumors and innuendos were true. Everything was fine for about nine months or so and all of a sudden, after we had just received a huge contract to do some major events in town and take over the San Diego Convention Center, I noticed that the two owners were acting a little different, and showing up with a new Ferrari, S Class Mercedes-Benz and both had bought new multi-million dollar homes. Much like the Adelphia case we have just studied, these two gentlemen were using company funds as their own personal “piggy bank.” However since this wasn’t a publically held company there were no SEC investigations. They did however still have to answer to private investors and other shareholders. I can’t speak to much to the behind close door meeting that were being held shortly there after, but ultimately it lead to these two men being ousted from there own company