Slumdog Millionaire and Case Odysseus Essay examples

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The Odyssey Odysseus is disguised as a beggar in this chapter. At this very moment, Odysseus draws the special bow and plucks the string of that bow, making a low hum sound through the vibration created by the plucking motion. This surprises all the suitors in the room because no one else besides Odysseus was able to even bend the string of that bow. A suitor even mocked Odysseus before he held the bow by saying, “May his fortune grow an inch for every inch be bends it!” (Holmer 404) Because Penelope had said whoever is able to use the bow can marry her to become the King, all the suitors want to try firing the arrow without a fail. Then Zeus zaps down a loud thunder of which Odysseus takes it as a sign and grabs an arrow nearby him. Odysseus cleanly fires an arrow with a good aim, making everyone speechless again. At the end, Odysseus says to his son, Telemakhos, that he was able to string the bow and not miss the aim, and that his body is fine despite what other people might say. How does this situation connect to other literature that we have read and discussed? The protagonist, in this case Odysseus, once again ends with somewhat of a happy ending, or a winning situation for him like what happened in Cinderella stories and the Slumdog Millionaire movie. Even though the journey he had to go through and face seemed difficult at first, along with obstacles along the way, like vice deeds of Cinderella’s step sisters, Jamal’s brother, and Odysseus’ disobeying fellow men, with the help of outer force, Fairy Godmother, supernatural miracle, and Gods’ powers, Odysseus manages to reach his goal of coming back to his land as a strong, respectful