Slums In South America Essay

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There are different types of slums in South America. There are still slums in south america.There are still slums in South America.South America is the most dangerous region in the world. One in five people of 113 million live in sprawling slums which are fuelling inequality and social exclusion.Different cities in South America have been in poverty and struggling to find food. In some of South America's biggest cities, local authorities have ceded control of drug slums to organized crime groups. Insight of crime identifies three such places where violent gangs have imposed their own form of justice, often with the complicity of state agents. Within the urban heart of buenos aires and in some cases meters from the city’s most expensive neighborhoods are argentina’s notorious “villas”. The urban slums are the capital's main drug hubs, where criminal groups from across Latin America have helped flood the local market with “Paco” a highly addictive crack-like substance. With drug trafficking through Argentina intensifying over the past few decades, local consumption has began to grow.Since the 1970 the U.S. had spent more than a trillion dollars to dismantle …show more content…
In villa Zavaleta, smaller groups made up of peruvians and Bolivians,among other nationalities, manage the local market. Their territorial control shifts from slum to slum as a result of bloody turf wars and new rivalries.All the rival criminal organizations fighting for control in Rio,only are allows crack labels to exist on its turf, malanquin told insight crime.The drug trafficking in south america is become more and more cocaine users almost everyday. There has been illegal drug trade in south America of cocaine and cannabis. The banned substances had been exported to the U.S. and Europe.In the 2000 the war on drugs had turned Colombia into the world’s largest cocaine