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Joseph Balkovic
English 11 A
Descriptive Essay
The Magical Rocks I found myself sitting in my room the week before last, and in the midst of my lethargy, I decided to throw on my kicks and go for a walk in the thick forest adjacent to my central Pennsylvania home. The air was cold and wet, the bone-chilling type of cold air that truly puts a damper on the human spirit. The thick brush at the forest’s tree line augmented the effects of the cold, and the dense brush’s thorns opened up a new wound on my already thoroughly scuffed body. I pushed through the initial denseness, and after several more minutes of hard hiking, I came upon a familiar place which almost immediately alleviated all of the ailments from which my physical body was suffering. A number precariously placed rocks on the side of an ancient Appalachian Mountain constitute a place I have long referred to as “the magical rocks.” The magical rocks form an area of serenity that promotes a sense of enhanced enlightenment. From the area below, I could nearly see energy protruding from the magical rocks. The rocks, arranged in a staggered fashion, generally seem to direct one’s attention towards the largest. The largest rock is clearly the same breed as the rest, a red-brown colored rock with a surface that feels something a kin to sandpaper. The largest rock forms somewhat of a crooked trapezoid shooting out of the earth, and overlooks the rock I usually sit on. My rock, a square shape with strikingly similar characteristics to the largest, sits in the dead middle of the garden which forms the magical rocks. As I sat down and took in the outright beauty of my environment, the sun continued to descend in the distance. The sunlight, manipulating its presence across the forest’s entirety at this point, literally had the environment throbbing with energy. Rays of sunlight bounced from tree to tree around the perimeter of the rock garden while squirrels jumped in what seemed like an effort to chase the sunlight and birds sang sweet songs of harmonious joy to each other. In midst of this somewhat enlightening moment, I could feel the energy within my own being begin to really activate. My chakras aligned and my outlook on life finally came full-circle with respect to positivity. The feeling of enlightenment was unlike anything I had previously experienced. Indubitably, I have had a few genuinely awakening moments whilst practicing meditation. These moments have occurred across a plethora of diverse locations. But the experiences I have had at the magical rocks are consistently more powerful than my personal accounts of meditating in other environments. Certainly, the sun set on that late November evening further stimulated the energy in that environment. But in my opinion, the magical rocks on the mountain behind my house serve as one of the Earth’s great energy…