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AQF Level IV Qualifications: small business Management
Unit name: Marketing Fundamental
COMPENTECY CODE and title: BSBRES401A: Analyze and Present Research Information
Topics for the Midterm Exam:
1. Describe 4 different methods of collecting information?
2. Describe the meaning of the following terms: * Quantitative Research * Qualitative Research * Market Research * Census * Geographics * Key Verifying * Market Research Brief * Mean * Median * Secondary Research * Validation * Data Processing * Data Sources * Estimate * Focus Group * Judgement Sample * Boolean Operators

3. What is data analysis? Detail 3 different types of data analysis
4. What is Ethnography?
5. What is Semiotics?


NOT more than 3 students in a group will work on this maximum 1500 words project. Please mention the sources that you have used overtime in doing this research. Use Harvard system of referencing in quoting someone’s acknowledgement in this research.
You are to research, analyze and present information to your trainer. Your research issue may include any of the following: * An opportunity for opening a new business in an area of your choice * Occupational health & safety – Is it the sole responsibility for employer or employee? * Different between Racism and Discrimination and recent incident on the overseas students * Rights of international student in the Australian VET and tertiary education sector * Discrimination of the disable student in the Australian education


1. Why is international marketing research more complex than domestic marketing research? 2. How can technology improve marketing research? 3. What are the ethical aspects of marketing research? What responsibilities does each of the marketing research stakeholders have to themselves, each other and the research project? 4. How do environmental factors affect the