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Small Business/Entrepreneurship Management
MGNT 4260 (CRN 8454)
Fall 2011

Instructor: Dr. Heshizer
Office: BHP 209
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10:45-11AM and 12:15-2:30; and at other times by appointment
Phone 931-2087
Radar email:

Course Information

Course Description
An introduction to the world of small business including entrepreneurship and the principles of successful small business management. The course covers the entire range of decision areas encountered by the small business manager, including starting considerations, government regulations and assistance, and effective control systems. Small business management is a multidisciplinary course that utilizes accounting, finance, marketing and management subjects. Prerequisite: MGNT 3600.

Required Text
Scarborough, N. M., Wilson, D.L. & Zimmerer, T. W. (2009). Effective small business management (9th Ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
ISBN: 0136154573
Textbook Companion Website:

Course Learning Objectives:
Students will acquire:
• an understanding of the various forms of business organization;
• an understanding of the characteristics of small business and how they differ from large firms;
• an understanding of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial characteristics
• an understanding of the factors to be considered when initiating a small business and the planning and procedural requirements associated with such an enterprise;
• a working knowledge of the financial control processes available to help small businesses be successful;
• the ability to apply financial control processes to small business scenarios;
• an understanding of how to write and evaluate a small business plan;
• an understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary to function as a manager in a small business environment.

Prerequisite: Principles of Management, MGNT 3600

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