Small Business Analysis Paper

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Small Business Analysis

LDR 531 Organizational Leadership

Small Business Analysis The Small Business Administration of the United States federal government defines as a small business “…as one that is independently owned and operated, is organized for profit, and is not dominant in its field (SBA, 2012).” In the area of “services”, although there is mostly no limit on how many employees form part of the business, annual receipts may not exceed $2.5 to $21.5 million depending on the type of services being rendered (SBA, 2012). In this small business analysis paper, the business profile of Shampoo, a local beauty salon and spa business will be analyzed and its organizational structures will be discussed in depth.
Business Profile
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Another tool that the owners developed in order to infuse the desired effect on the clientele was to decorate the facilities in the style of a famous Hollywood beauty salon. Thus, from the moment the client enters the facility, he or she is immediately in an atmosphere in which he or she can feel like a star, and then the client receives services that further develop this feeling of being someone important.
Leadership and Management As previously stated, in Shampoo the organizational structure is has been administered by a floor leader, in this small business the role of management has been performed by the owners of the company, who have served as facilitators for the employees while they perform their technical tasks. The division of labor in this company has been based on the technical skills of the worker, and the leader’s job was to bridge communications between the business owners and the employees and to facilitate the needs of the workers in order for them to continue performing.
Business Future Although this business currently has new and different owners, the company mission and vision remain the same. The working team has grown since its roots but the small business mindset remains the same. At this time there are no strategic plans for franchising or expansion in any way, as the current owners have decided to play a more hands on part on leading this company from the front, as they prefer to work as the floor leaders of