Small Class Size Is Better Essay

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Smaller Class Size is Better!
Class size matters and so does your education. In big classes students can't focus because there are too many distractions and the teacher can't help everyone. Smaller classes are better for students and teachers. In smaller classes students can learn more, students become more involved and it will cause less budget cuts. If smaller classes can bump up test scores and help kids get into to college, then we should definitely do it. Smaller classes will not only benefit students but teachers, parents and the school.
Students learn better in smaller classes. Teacher can help each student individually when it is a smaller class. Teachers can teach better in smaller classes because there would be less disturbances. "Overcrowding means students don't get the attention they need from their teachers, they just don't. They don't learn as much, they withdraw, they become disruptive,
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If there are less students in a class room there is more of a chance they will be called out to read or answer a question. In smaller classes the students will also be able to work together because there would be less noise in a 20 student class then a 35 student classroom. In the article, everyone knows students learn more in smaller classes, or do they? The author says, "Smaller, quieter classes may have their biggest effect on kids who are inattentive and try to avoid looking the teacher in the eye. The reason is they can't hide."
On the other hand bigger classes they can teach mores students. They could also hire less teachers and hire better, experienced teachers. Bigger classes do have some advantages but smaller classes have more.
In conclusion, smaller classes help students, teachers, the school and parents. Smaller classes improve students learning experience, cause less budget cuts and help students become more involved. As a student I can say from experience, smaller classes are a lot better. Class size does