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Michelle my mother’s name in Hebrew meaning “like God”, and in which isn’t exactly how I see my mom but it’s pretty close I look to her for so many things and as my role model I expect so many things from her. She is very kind, strong, old fashioned, loving and always willing to give the best for me kind of woman. When she walks into a room her energy and unique laugh is easily noticed. She has hair and lashes as black as a starless night with eyes the color of fresh cherry wood and skin so light it makes her simplest daily wear of eye makeup pop. Every time I want or need an honest opinion I go to my mother because she gives me her opinion from the bottom of heart.

There you see it a stunning and dynamic 2011 an almost maroon like colored Nissan Pathfinder LE. Savor silky smooth shifting from the automatic transmission paired with a precision tuned gas V6 engine. Delivering an astounding amount of force yet really safe, this vehicle requires a carefully observant driver. Great excuse for endless road trips in this fabulous and fun loving family car. This Pathfinder still shines as a good choice for a family vehicle because of its roomy interior and third row seating.
What seems like a vacation spot to me might appear as a normal bedroom to you, considering I rarely get a day off because I’ll either have school going on or a day of work or just a day filled with chores it’s always something. I really love my room, it’s quite spacious, my own haven and I’ve got it exactly how I want it, although it is always messy and busy with a lot of things going on I guess you can say it reflects me as a person and it makes me feel comfortable. The walls in my room have a very antique cream color to…