Essay Small Food Ration

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Day 7-11,2306
Three quarters of the way there I need to make it. All I could do was hope and pray that I could find a shelter by tonight. There was nothing left except a small food ration and a first aid kit. The snowmobile was gone, the tent had burnt down, might as well give up! Don’t tell yourself that Steven. You must push on! The more I progressed, the harder the trail seemed to get. The forest trail was becoming brutal now. In front of me were narrow trails leading up while down below lay ditches and holes. You must push on Steven you must push on. Everything was growing cold now, and worry overthrew my self-esteem. To calm my nerves, I stopped for a quick lunch. The can was brought out from my backpack, then I pryed it open with a rock. The taste was delightful even though it was nearly frozen. How much food did I have left anyway? Peering into my backpack, I saw two food items, one being just a pack of gum. You must find shelter Steven! It was 5:21 PM. The odds of making it to a warm luxury by tonight seemed slim. It was already starting to grow blak with darkness again. Panic engulfed my freezing, exhausted body. “Looks like your walking through the night mister.”, I told myself. Night replaced day, and the forest came to life with the sounds of nearby owls hooting with joy. Well at least I wasn’t alone. Cold grew colder, as did my body. The trail was growing very narrow and dangerous. It seemed almost impossible to maneuver through. Push on Steve! I climbed over the lose rocks. Some made me slip, but on tight enough to keep myself from falling below. I came close to falling to death several times, but managed to hang on to life.