Small Group Proposal Essay

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Small Group Proposal
Mental Health Group for Adolescent Boys

I. Abstract- brief statement summarizing concept and rationale for the group The small group that is being proposed is designed for adolescent boys, ages 13-17, who have been recently diagnosed with a mental illness. The focus of the treatment group is for the boys to come to accept their mental illness using the seven stages of death designed by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. While in group, they will not only come to terms with their mental illness but also become comfortable expressing emotions they may be experiencing, as well as build self-esteem due to the stigma of mental illness. I had chosen to base
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The staff includes a variety of professionals. The teams are supervised by a licensed Clinical Services Manager who provides clinical supervision, oversight, and coordination of service delivery along with some direct clinical services. The other professionals that is available to provide services when needed include: psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, substance abuse professionals, community support specialists (paraprofessionals) and nurses. III. Reason for selection of proposal topic- include any personal interest in this topic Mental health has been a topic of interest for me for a number of years. When I had written papers on deinstitutionalization while in my undergraduate, I felt a strong desire to work with this population that was in desperate need of caring, compassionate, and empathic workers. When I had decided to become a social worker, I decided to use the knowledge I had attained from my psychology classes and help the mentally ill. I have some experience with people suffering from mental illness that has also spurred me to work with this population. My friend who suffers from Bipolar I and OCD as well as some of my family members who are mentally ill, along with my bout of depression has encouraged me to become a mental health social worker. However, I think the decision was truly made when I spent my first internship, which consisted of almost the entire summer, at a transitional