Smart City Case Study

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Table 2: Guiding Policies of Smart City in China
Guiding Smart City Policies in China

National Policy Policy #1: The New Urbanization State Plan Will Drive the Development of Smart City Agglomerations
Policy #2: Inter-ministerial Coordination Guidance Will Promote the Orderly Development in China's Smart City Landscape
Policy #3: The Department of Housing and Urban Construction Will Carry Out a Wide Range of Pilot Smart City Construction in Efforts to Boost City Administration and Functional Reforms
Policy #4: The Ministry of Industry and Information's Promotion of Smart City Initiatives Will Consequently Drive Critical Reforms in Transforming China's Overall Information Industry

Local Policy Policy #1: Set Up Big Data Bureau in Guangzhou
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The Comprehensive Development Model: More focused on Tier 1 city with well-built economies and advance information technology infrastructure. These cities will use smart city initiatives to promote city development, accelerate city transformation by promoting urban development strategies and upgrading assorted city developments.
Featured City: The Ningbo city in costal Zhejiang province government implemented “Seven Policies in One Go”, with weight on comprehensive organization and the establishment of a connoisseur committee and the provincial Institute for Planning the Development of Standards. Another distinguished case is Wuhan, the capital of Central China's Hubei province. Wuhan was among the first batch of cities in China which piloted the smart cities and the first city in the world to seize an open tender to global companies for smart city designs. In 2011, Wuhan released two public bidding totaling 10 million RMB for the concept designing and construction planning of the smart cities. The smart city planning in Wuhan is a typical comprehensive development model covering almost all social
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Public platform layer Basing on Big data analyses, bring value and business opportunities of the data mining and analysis platform.
Data resource layer Basing on all kinds of reality of city to create data warehouse.
Infrastructure layer According to the established principle, build up the high quality & speed communication network; All sensing devices aggregation into the Big IOT system.
The Vigilant Follower Model: This model puts a focus on small and medium cities, mostly in the western and middle China, which still needs to upgrade and construct intelligent information infrastructure and applications as the fundamental priority of their Smart city planning. By means of sketching references from highly developed cities and applying it to their own objectives and circumstances, these inland cities will attempt to maximize the opportunity that Smart city construction would