Smart Drugs Won T Make People Smarter

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The article I choose was “Smart drugs won’t make people smarter, research concludes” it was based on a study done at university of Nottingham. In this article they did a test run on a supposed “smart drug” called Modafinil. In this study 32 students were given the drug the other 32 were given the placebo pill and they were given a special test that required fast and accurate responses. But after it was all said and done students that were more healthy and creatively powered were slowed down by “smart drug”. The article quotes that "Our study backs up previous research that suggests psychostimulants improve people at the lower end of the spectrum in cognition whereas they impair people who are at the optimum level of cognitive function -- healthy people for example.”
In my opinion a drug that is suppose to boost the human cognitive system but causes delays is not the best drug or it could be a way to slow down the sensory receptors to the brain so the mind can depict and intercept the right one this is how I believe this drug works.
In this article it goes over the brain and its structure and communication throughout the body. People who are smarter probably have different cell structures and layouts in the brain thus with this configuration they are able to be smart and respond on time with out the drug slowing them down. They’re as normal people with less creative gene’s the drug affects their sensory system differently and allows them to process their information like the smarter people. This article caught my eye because I love the evolution of medicine and what