Smart Phones BCA 310 Essay

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Smart Phone’s

BCA 310

In today’s society almost everyone you see now a day has a cell phone of some sort and it seems that cell phones are moving towards being a multifunction device that will consume the cell phone market. Smart Phones today are so advanced that you are able to watch T.V., remote into a computer around the world, check your social media, take picture and video tape. They are a universal tool that it seems everyone owns one. Me being in the IT field I will be applying my studies to the application side of the smart phone writing the applications. Exploring the operating systems and the limitations of the smart phones are beneficial to any application programmer to see where we can apply our programs to and what speed they will work at. It seems that the IT field is expanding and adapting to new fields of technology and smart phones are at the front of it. The very first Smartphone was developed by the BellSouth Company (at that time a part of ATT) in 1993. The phone had many of the same futures of the smart phones today such as touch screen technology address book, calculator and a calendar but the company was waiting for the right technology to really capture the smartphones full potential, “this came with Advanced services became ubiquitous with the introduction of the so-called third-generation (3G) mobile phone networks in 2001. Before 3G, most mobile phones could send and receive data at a rate sufficient for telephone calls and text messages. Using 3G, communication takes place at bit-rates high enough for sending and receiving photographs, video clips, music files, e-mails, and more. Most smartphone manufacturers license an operating system, such as Microsoft Corporation’s Windows Mobile OS, Symbian OS, Google’s Android OS, or Palm OS. Research in Motion’s BlackBerry and Apple Inc.’s iPhone have their own proprietary systems”. Smart phones came from a combination of a few technologies such a PDA’s, cell phones and other hand held devices. The first company that shed the light on the smart phone technology was the Blackberry (In reference to it being widely available to the common person). The Blackberry was the first Smartphone that was widely adapted by the business world. The smart phones really became popular with the development of the iPhone ( because of the features it had with it), when the iPhone came out it not only combined the convince of having a daily planner, games and other apps to help pass the time, music(one of the biggest sell) and the ability to surf the web and check email but it made it very user-friendly. With Apple setting the standard they have launched many competitors such as Samsung that is becoming apples biggest competitors and looks like they are primed to take over the phone market. With the endless possibilities of these phones they are always evolving. In fact there have been rumors of an application on the smart phones of the future that will take a picture of the user and be able to tell if you are sick or not and even diagnose your illness. With these developing technologies there are many operating systems and titles put on these phones such as the android (which has a few companies developing phones under its name) the android operation system is owned by google but there are several separate operating systems for each of the separate companies such as Nokia’s symbian OS, Blackberry’s RIM os, Samsung’s Bada, HP’s webOS and Apples iOS. With these different operating systems there are various applications that make these operating systems interchangeable. Meaning that when a user that is on an iPhone running the iOS operating system wants to run a application that was designed to be used on the Samsung galaxy android running the Bada operating system they can be used on both phones. With all the companies manufacturing smart phones and their capabilities there use 3g and 4g technology also wifi is how the smartphone connects to