Smartphone and Htc Essay

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Due to the marketing strategy, the research and development, the well-trained employees and many efforts HTC became one of the best brands on the market. Nowadays, the smartphone market is growing very quickly and there are numerous competitors. HTC meets its competitors in the face of Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia but in spite the high competition, in 2011 HTC succeed to reach one of the highest profits in the company`s financial history. According to the marketing audit, HTC has steadily positions on the market. For instance, the surveys show that the company is the third best and preferable brand on the market. As every company, there are many factors that affect HTC but it is fact that there is brand awareness. In brief, due to the popular products like Touch Diamond, Desire and Hero, and the successful partnerships with Google, Microsoft and Beats Audio, HTC provides numerous amazing products on the market with “quality brilliant”. (Annual report, 2012)
HTC Corporation (known as High Tech Computer Corp.) is one of the largest companies in mobile phone industry. HTC was found in May 1997 in Taiwan by three business people Cher Wang, HT Cho and Peter Chou. HTC is now the 5th largest smartphone brand in the world because it is leading the mobile industry in both design and innovation. With a combination of excellent employees and leadership, HTC is a strong brand on the market with many loyal clients in Americas, Europe and Asia. Nowadays, in the rapid technological growth, each company is trying to do the best products so it is really hard to survive and to be one of the best brands on the market. In order to